Efficiency and professionalism

The quality of ITKL comes from the passion with which we work every day, from the professionalism of each person who works at Your window and the quality of the products of our partners REHAU, CORTIZO, ROTO, ROTOX.

Quality materials

The materials used are of the Interklima Fenster high quality, complying with all EU norms, with vast experience in the field of PVC and aluminum joinery, products that are suitable for any type of construction, climate or geographic area.

Reliable partnership

The attention that you give to every commands, flexibility, transparency and communication, providing complete solutions for any type of construction make Interklima Fenster a reliable partner for any dealer (wholesaler), Builder or architect.

Who are we?

Content ImageInterklima Fenster-we are a team with vast experience in the production, Assembly and offering technical solutions in the field of PVC and aluminum joinery.
Under the brand ITKL we kept the promise to produce and deliver premium quality products on both side of the PVC profiles REHAU how sip is part of aluminium-profile CORTIZO. I managed to complete its product range by producing aluminum shutters CORTIZO, cassonetti profiles Rehau systems and handrails Cortizo.
Experience and excellence to our clients who wanted always systems thermo-insulating premium compels us to develop continuously, to continue to produce and offer perfect solutions and Windows, to believe that Quality always makes the difference.

Why should we pick on us?

Our vision is to provide products and services of high quality and to develop a network of clients that will lead to long-term partnerships.

The core values of our company are: